Trekking Seasons in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is possible all year round except on few of the trails such as snowmen trek which remains under snow cover during winter months. However autumn and spring seasons are best for trekking in Bhutan.


Trekking in autumn season (September – November)

Trekking in Bhutan during autumn season offers best weather conditions and wonderful sceneries. With less or no rainfall involved, one can enjoy spectacular views of snowcapped mountains and beautiful valleys. Amongst all October is the best month of the year to trek in Bhutan.

Bhutan receives the highest number of trekkers during autumn season.

Trekking in spring season (March – May)

Spring season is another best season to visit Bhutan for trekking. Between offset of winter and onset of summer season, weather remains calm in Bhutan with less rainfall and under clear sky one can enjoy the best ever view of the snowcapped mountains. Moreover spring being the blooming season; one can enjoy the spectacular view of wild flowers, most notably the rhododendrons along your trekking trails.

Trekking in winter season (December – February)

During winter season Bhutan receives occasional snowfall but skies remain clear for maximum of the time making it suitable for trekkers to enjoy greater sceneries.

Except for few of the longer duration treks such as Snowmen trek, which remains close during peak winter season, one can enjoy trekking in Bhutan during winter season as well.

We would recommend you to go for shorter duration and lower altitude treks during winter season.


Trekking in summer season (June – July)

Summer being monsoon season, Bhutan receives heavy rainfall thus making it awkward for trekkers but however it is suitable to do higher elevation treks such as Snowmen trek which remains close during peak winter season.

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