Altitude Sickness

As trekking trails in Bhutan are mostly located over higher elevations, mild altitude sickness may occur to those who have not done trekking in higher altitudes before but it should not be huge obstacles as one can get acclimatized very easily and more over portable oxygen supplies are carried by our crew members.

All our tour itineraries are designed properly keeping in mind the importance of getting acclimatized and have enough rest days included in case of longer duration tours.

However do not ignore any kind of symptoms related to altitude sickness; difficulty in breathing, headache, giddiness and numbness in limbs. If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms, inform your guide immediately.

Though portable oxygen supplies and first aid kits are always carried, if possible carry some diamox (acetazolamide) pills, which can be bought from pharmacies across Bhutan.

The best tactics, if you suffer from altitude sickness is to stop ascending and if the symptoms do not go away or get worse, then descend down. It is advisable that you drink large amount of water every day while you are trekking.

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