How to book Bhutan trekking tours

  1. Talk to us about your requirements either by sending us a mail or directly calling us at the provided number on our website.

Travelers can either choose packages directly from our website or tell us about how long or how much you want to spend and accordingly we will help you to choose with a suitable trekking package.

For finding more trekking packages, you can either visit our parent company See Bhutan Travels at or our sister concern Bhutan Tour Information at

  1. Once confirmed, we will provide with details regarding tour cost, Bhutan visa application process and tour money transfer processes.

All the visitors must be aware that, to confirm Bhutan tour, they must pay the entire tour payment along with Bhutan visa fee of $40 in advance. Your tour money is being monitored by Tourism Council of Bhutan and we get access to it only after the completion of tour.

  1. Once your tour money gets deposited in Tourism council of Bhutan’s bank account, we will apply for your Bhutan visa through an online system. After approval we will mail you the visa clearance letter. On showing this visa clearance letter at the port of entry, your actual visa will be stamped on your passport.

  1. Get your Bhutan visa, book your flight tickets and you are set to go. Enjoy your once in a lifetime experience; Trekking in Bhutan. Looking forward to welcoming you to Bhutan.
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